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Press Release

TNW Corporation and Easy Recycling Services Announce Integrated Rail Services at
Texas North Western Railway


TNW is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Easy Recycling Services to expand rail offerings at its Texas North Western Railway (TXNW) line in Sunray, Texas.

TXNW’s one-stop supercenter for railcar services now include:

  • Scrapping – Mobile Crew Derailment and Locomotive Dismantling Services

  • Storage - Over 11,000 Railcar Storage Spaces

  • Repair - Tank Car Certified Repair Facility through TrinityRail®

  • Cleaning - Railcar Cleaning and Flaring

  • Daily Service with Class 1 Interchange (BNSF)

  • Transloading and Warehousing services

Easy Recycling is a certified industrial scrap company providing safe and efficient railcar scrapping services. Their presence at TXNW will allow for acceptance of a wide variety of railcars that require end of life processing. Easy Recycling offers strategic steel mill relationships and expert material knowledge to ensure that clients receive competitive pricing. They provide superior metal removal solutions through a single source turnkey approach, advanced reporting and a culture of safety excellence.

This alliance further elevates the range of
one-stop-shop services we provide to our customers."

Easy Recycling CEO Morgan Spicer commented, “This unique opportunity for Easy Recycling Services and TNW to partner at the Sunray, Texas storage complex provides a turnkey customer experience. The on-site TNW car cleaning operations and extensive storage space coupled with Easy Recycling’s end of life railcar scrapping services allow customers to have a single location for profitable end of life solutions. We are very pleased with this strategic alliance and excited to offer these additional services to our customers.”

When asked about the collaboration, TNW Director of Sales and Marketing Cheryl Hart said, “TNW and Easy Recycling understand the importance of providing efficient and streamlined solutions for fleet management. This alliance further elevates the range of one-stop-shop services we provide to our customers.”

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